A1-C1-C5 : The "FORECCAsT by BioClimSol" mobile application

This is the flagship action of FORECCAsT

Its objective is to provide forest owners and managers with a decision-making tool in the form of a mobile application called "FORECCAsT by BioClimSol". It will use geolocation and will be available on smartphone and tablets, directly in the field. It will perform a complete diagnosis of forest stands, will give clues about management strategies for existing forest stands or reforestation projects, and will enable a silviculture adapted to both local conditions and the climate to come. It will also be possible to use it for the management of forest Habitats of Community Interest. It will be available in 2019.

To know more about the mobile application and the steps for its implementation, click here !

Logo for our impending application

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