A2-D2: Survey of climate change perception by local stakeholders

One of the objectives of FORECCAsT is to monitor climate change perception by local stakeholders from the forest sector, local elected representatives and members from the general public, in order to have a better understanding of their opinion on this issue and to adapt our communication actions to their sentiment about this topic.

2018: Second survey of climate change and forest perception

The second survey took place from September to December 2018. 724 people answered to this survey. The results are currently analyzed and the analysis report should be available by the end of Febrary 2019.

2017: First survey of climate change and forest perception

The first survey took place from August to December 2018. 620 people answered to this survey. Overall, the vast majority of the people we surveyed do say that they perceive the effects of global change. Most stakeholders have heard about FORECCAsT, half these people would like to test our and a third say that FORECCAsT might influence their forest management strategies. Three quarters of the professionals say that they will have to adapt their forest management strategy to global change. The full report can be dowloaded from here (in French).

2016-2017: Preliminary survey

In order to better define our yearly survey, a group of students from the GSE-VRT Master from Albi University (INUC - Institut National Universitaire Champollion) did a preliminary survey in our territory.

From this preliminary work, we were able to fine-tune our communication and awareness actions, as well as build the shape and content of our yearly survey.

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