The Project

Project Life FORECCAsT, qu'es aquò* ?

The FORECCAsT project takes place on the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park, located in a zone of unique climatic confluences, where changes in the environment and the climate are rather sudden. This territory is therefore hit harder by climate change. In an area where the forest occupies 67% of the territory, the challenge of renewing and managing forest stands is essential.

* What is it ? (occitan dialect)

Source : PNR HL

For an adaptation of our forests to climate change

Faced with this issue, public and private forest managers are asking themselves: how to manage existing afforestation? How to make a relevant choice on the tree species of the next plantations?

The Life FORECCAsT project builds from the engine, a tool for integrating climate change into forest management strategies.

Forest ecosystems will thus be better protected thanks to sound diagnosis and dynamic silviculture, supporting strong environmental, economic and social challenges.

This tool will take the form of a tablet-based map application, which will present a predictive model capable of integrating the probable evolution of the climate in Haut-Languedoc.

To learn more about Bioclimsol, read the article Forest-Enterprise n ° 234 written by Jean Lemaire, engineer at the IDF-CNPF by clicking HERE.

It is also described in detail on the website with publication of the ICS equations and national studies undertaken in regions and departments, as well as on the site