Adapting our forests
to climate change

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FORECCAsT is a LIFE project aiming to provide Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park producers and forest managers with means to build a forest management strategy that takes into account the impact of climate change, favours territorial forest ecosystems and ensures a dynamic forestry sector, which locally supports vital environmental, economic and social stakes. Its goal is also to raise awareness of the challenges posed by global change among stakeholders, elected representatives and the general public.

Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park (Géraldine Asensio - PNRHL)

Its key deliverable is a mobile application called “FORECCAsT by BioClimSol”, designed to help stakeholders to evaluate and manage the risk of forest dieback, either when tending existing forest stands or choosing which tree variety to use for reforestation, in a context of global change. This application is also designed to be used in the management of forest habitats of Community interest.

Another key deliverable is the implementation of long-term field tests of management measures for existing forest stands, as well as for areas of reforestation with a single or a mixture of tree varieties compatible with a changing climate. The results of these life-size tests will enable stakeholders to evaluate the efficiency of various management measures that can be used to tackle the effects of global change, reduce impact and support woodland resilience.

Other deliverables include a “how to use the FORECCAsT application” course, an analysis of our survey of climate change perception by local stakeholders, a technical guide giving a response plan in case of acute climate crisis, the creation of a network of initiatives similar to FORECCAsT, and communication and awareness actions such as several symposia, a lecture series to raise awareness of the challenges posed by global change among stakeholders, elected representatives and the general public, a travelling exhibition on this topic, and the involvement in three UN International Day of Forests.

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