The LIFE FORECCAsT project

The project Life FORECCAsT, qu'es aquò*?

The FORECCAsT project takes place in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park, which sits in a unique area of meeting point for three climates where changes in environment and climate are rather sudden. Therefore, this territory is hit hard by climate change. In an area where the forest occupies 67% of the territory, stakes of renewing and managing forest stands in sustainable way are very high.

Credit: PNRHL

For an adaptation of our forests to climate change

While facing these challenges, public and private forest managers are wondering: how to manage the existing forest stands? How to make the right choice about which tree species to plant in the new forest stands? To help them answering these questions and provide them with tools to manage forest in a context of climate change, the LIFE FORECCAsT projet sets up several complementary actions.

The first of these actions is the creation, from the BioClimSol method, of a mobile application called "FORECCAsT by BioClimSol" which will include a predictive model able to embed the probable evolution of climate in the Haut-Languedoc. This tool will allow to integrate climate change in forest management strategies. This way, forest ecosystems will be better protected, thanks to an informed diagnostic and a dynamic forestry which carry high environmental, economic and social stakes.

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The project also sets up actions to maintain vulnerable forest habitats in a context of global change. FORECCAsT especially focuses on the 9120 Habitat of Community Interest "Atlantic acidophilous beech forests with Ilex" and will test there both the mobile application use and new methods of forest management.

Furthermore, throughout the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park, FORECCAsT implements long-term field tests of forest management measures to adapt local practices to climate change. Existing forest stands, areas of reforestation, arboretums set up at various altitudes... we are testing a broad range of situations to help forest managers to chose the best strategy for their context.

When an acute climate crisis happens, it is necessary to implement a strategy to face it. FORECCAsT formalized a response plan in case of acute climate crisis, available online or printed, to inform forest and wood stakeholders about the risks and the procedures to follow when the situation arises.

And since everyone is working better when sharing their knowledge, FORECCAsT leads a network of initiatives similar to its actions which identifies these initatives and will soon include an international newsletter, which will allow project leaders worldwide to know each other and to exchange about their projects.

Finally, FORECCAsT communicates about all these actions the professional and the general public, as well as follows annually the perception of forest and climate change by Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park inhabitants, elected representatives and professionnals, in order to measure how the mindset about climate changes and how knowledge on the subject matter spreads throughout the project.

* Qu'es aquò: "What is it?" in Occitan, a local language

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