Step 1: Method selection

The application uses the BioClimSol diagnosis tool, hence why its name is "FORECCAsT by BioClimSol". The BioClimSol tool is developped by the CNPF. It is made up of two modules:

  • Reforestation module: this module gives a diagnosis that helps the forest owner to choose the right species for reforestation while taking into account the local context and the future climate;
  • Forest stand module: this module gives a diagnosis that defines a level of vigilance (tree crown dieback risk), considering the current and future climate, the topographic situation and the soil through an Biology Climate Soil Index (IBS – Indice BioClimSol). This diagnosis can be compared with the current condition of the forest stand, determined through dendrometric characteristics, health status (defoliation, DEPEFEU and DEFIFOL protocols, DSF) and reaction to stress (ARCHI protocol, CNPF), in order to suggest a series of sylvicultural recommendations

The BioClimSol method includes a climate, topographic and soil diagnosis, the reforestation module, climate vigilance maps specific to each tree variety and their associated ICS equations. The sylvicultural recommendations it suggests have to be validated by local representatives.

Logo de la méthode BioClimSol

Logo of the BioClimSol method

We chose the BioClimSol tool in our application because it is widely tested in France (30 studies since 2009) and well-known by forest stakeholders. Moreover, it was successfully tested in 2015 in the PNRHL and some field results were already available for this territory before the FORECCAsT project even started

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